A&D INSTRUMENTS Bariflexx Stand

The Standing Baritone Sax Stand - Made in Germany!


The new Bariflex standing baritone saxophone stand holds your heavy instrument securely and flexibly. Simply place the instrument in the support arms of the stand. No additional fixing is required. The saxophone is free and only held in position by the bell and body. This allows the instrument to vibrate freely and won't affect the sound. The support brackets are rubber-coated to protect the instrument and prevent scratches.

But the Bariflexx can do even more: whether you are sitting in the orchestra pit, on stage or playing standing up, its height can be adjusted quickly and easily. A stable ball-and-socket joint allows easy, optimum adjustment in all directions for your individual playing position.

No tools or instructions are required to set up the stand. Simply pull on the three feet of the stand and lock the position with the thumb screw. Loosen the next thumb screw on the centre of the stand and adjust the height. Loosen the ball-and-socket joint between the centre section and the instrument rest to change the optimum playing position and you are ready to play. This block can also be shortened to a single set if space is limited. The stand can be conveniently folded and stored in the handy carrying bag supplied!

No need to carry a heavy and cumbersome baritone saxophone around your neck - the Bariflex Baritone Sax Stand holds your instrument and makes changing instruments a breeze!

"Designed and manufactured in Germany, A&D Instruments uses only high quality parts and they model their stand designs for serious usability. The Bariflexx is a rugged workhorse that can take a lot of weight off of a player or just help you to double instruments better by having your instrument in place, ready to go as you need it."

Ryan Saranich, American jazz fusion saxophonist

"Ultrastable and yet lightweight are my first words describing the Bariflexx stand. It's permanently set up and miked in my recording studio, but it's especially easy on the neck during live performances and, overall, a massive relief. 
A straightforward buying recommendation for all baritone saxophone players. Whether at home practising, at the rehearsal in the orchestra or during any live gig!"

Arno Haas, Professional jazz musician and one of the most booked saxophone players in Germany

A&D Instruments Bariflexx Video Review

Ryan Saranich is demonstrating and reviewing the A&D Instrumentes Bariflex standing baritone sax stand in detail.


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